How to Get Leaves Off Your Roof

How to Get Leaves Off Roof

Removing leaves off the roof is a crucial home maintenance that all homeowners must do. Properties that are surrounded by tall trees have a larger chance of leaves on the roof or stuck in the gutter. In this blog post, you will learn how to get leaves off roof and prevent clogging the gutters.

Many Bridgeport CT neighborhoods boast great scenery. But just like other places, the weather here can get unpredictable too. Heavy rain can make the roof deteriorate fast. The strong winds can make the roof shingles crack. Leaves that are trapped on the roof are also a big problem.

Leaves absorb rainwater and cause moisture against roof shingles. The moisture soaks into the roof shingles. It can then transform into a hub for algae and mold – a combo that we do not really want on our roofs. Aside from damaging the roof material, if not treated immediately, mold and algae can be harmful to human health.

Good thing that removing leaves from roof is not a complex task. You can try various ways to remove leaves from the roof and gutter. 

Here are your leaf removal options:

Many people underestimate the effectiveness of a good roof rake. This is a good cleaning tool for getting leaves off your roof. It is effective in gathering the leaves and safe to use too. 

Use an old-fashioned roof rake.  With a rake, you do not have to worry about creating noises while cleaning or maintaining your roof. Your roof will be in good shape again in no time, and your neighbors will be glad about the noise-free process. 

A simple outdoor broom might also do the trick. It is inexpensive to buy and will do less damage to your roof. If you need one, your local hardware store probably has a good, affordable broom.

Attach the broom to a longer pole to extend your reach. Although a broom is designed not for this purpose, it is an effective method to remove leaves on roof. 

Want to get the leaves on roof gone quickly and easily? use a strong blower. It will get the job done faster and dislodge even the leaves that are glued to parts of your roof. Unfortunately, using a roof leaf blower has its downside.

A roof leaf blower can weigh up to 14 lbs. That is heavy! A safety harness should be in place to avoid losing your balance and getting injured. 

Getting rid of dead leaves on roof is not that difficult. Still, call ing a professional to handle the situation may be the right decision to do. Contractors who has years of experience and skills can easily tackle the job. They have industry-grade roof leaf blowers and appropriate skills for the task. They can also prevent damaging the roof in the process.

To safely get leaves off your roof, call the expert roofers near you. Not only they can finish the job quickly, but they are also well aware of the dos and don’ts to prevent damaging your roof.

Prevent Leaves on Roof from Clogging the Gutter

After taking out the trapped leaves on your roof, follow these steps. This will help prevent leaves from getting stuck in your roof shingles again. Here are some of our tips and tricks for maintaining your roof:

    • Have regular roof cleaning and maintenance. Do not let blown leaves rack up on your roof or gutter. Deal with the leaves on the shingles and gutter as soon as possible to avoid clogging.
    • Trim back all branches that are near or touching your roof. This will help lessen the chances of branches and leaves falling directly onto your roof.
    • Notice molds and algae? Call a professional roofing contractor to inspect and provide insights.

Never neglect leaves on your roof. Ignoring them can cause your gutter to break due to water buildup. And when the gutter breaks apart, it can do more costly damage to the exterior of your home. 

Need a Roofing Company Nearby?

A Bridgeport roofing company like Bridgeport Roofers has the know-how. We are prepared to inspect and offer professional roofing services. And we serve customers in or near Bridgeport, CT.

We do not recommend that you attempt to get the leaves off your roof without the assistance of expert roofers. Trapped leaves on the roof might seem harmless and easy to collect. You will be surprised to learn about the numerous accidents that happen just from removing leaves on the roof. 

Unless you are equipped to do the job safely, make it a habit to call expert cleaners and inspectors first.

Contact Bridgeport Roofers to schedule a roof inspection or get a roofing service estimate today.