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If you wish to have a cost-effective roof leak, you must get a free estimate from the roofing contractor before selecting the company. By having a free estimate prior, you would select the roofing company tailored to your specific needs.


With a free estimate, you would be able to determine the below.

Time Frame of Project

The companies will clearly understand the roof condition and the amount of money needed to get the job done. Most roofing companies will estimate the time that will take to complete the project.

Labour and Materials Cost

The company will include the cost of materials used for flashing, shingles, decking, and underlayment. Primarily, they will check the deck’s condition thoroughly, and if they found any sort of water damage or tearing, this would lead to an additional cost to both labor and materials.

Warranty for New Roof

You should pay attention to the material that roofing contractors will use. It must be of superior quality. We provide you with various warranty options to choose from. Among other warranties, we also provide you with an option for a 1 year workmanship warranty.

Clean Up Cost

Keep your eye on the cleanup cost, as your estimate will not be considered complete if that does not include clean-up cost. A good roofing company understands the importance of cleaning up when a project is completed.

Payment Terms

Keep in note the date of all your deposits so that when the project will get completed you have records to ensure that you have done all the payments timely. It will be better if you know beforehand what type of payment options your roofing company accepts.

Having a free estimate will help you prepare accordingly on how you can invest in your roofing project. A good estimate will include all the essential details like required materials, project timeframe, cleanup costs, and a thorough fee structure. It reveals the full transparency of the roofing companies’ charges and helps you avoid any hidden charges or unexpected delays.

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