Commercial Roof Inspection

It might not seem necessary to many of us, but roof inspection is important to eliminate any potential accidents.


The commercial roof inspection involves thorough tracking of your roof by our experts.

Often it is seen that severe weather conditions result in a minor glitch in your roof, which might not be easily available. A roof inspection by a professional will let you save a lot of money on future operational costs. Primarily there are two types of commercial roof valuations: Survey and Inspection. There is a difference between having a survey and an inspection. A survey is what our professionals do before starting a replacement or repairing any roof. The roof inspections include real-estate dealings or insurance assessments.

Commercial Roof Inspection

The roof inspector is the one who performs the commercial roof inspection. These inspections highlight the condition of the commercial building, which is mostly done without using any external tool or equipment. The most important factor that affects your roof is the changing weather conditions. Heavy rains or snowfall can damage your roof, especially if they have not been repaired or taken care of for a long time. You can end up with roof leaks, excessive snow build-up, and frozen gutter drains. These conditions can have adverse effects on your roof that may result in collapse. A commercial roof inspection may include the following:


  • Roof Condition and Lifetime of Roof
  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • Wood Durability Inspection
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Air Quality Inspection
  • Radon Inspection
  • Lead-Based Paint Inspection

Commercial Roof Inspection Nearby

A thorough inspection is necessary to ensure that your roof is in good condition, and it is the only way you can fix a lurking problem by knowing it’s there. The commercial roof survey is usually performed by professionals such as Bridgeport Roofers. These surveys declare the state and value of the roof structure, membrane, and insulation. Unlike a standard inspection, various samples and measurements are taken.

Benefits of Roof Inspection

We’ll figure out the:

  • Wall copping and surface condition
  • Slope of Roof
  • Membrane, deck, and insulation condition
  • Flashing Condition
  • Drainage Condition
  • Drain and Gutter Condition
  • Requirement of additional ventilation or drains
  • Any moisture or standing water
  • Metal Edge condition

To avoid any expensive repair and replacement costs, a roof inspection from the experts at Bridgeport Roofers is essential. It is the best way to find out whether your roof needs replacements or repair timely. Our professionals at Bridgeport Roofers will provide you with a report outlining the different technical specifications and observations, as well as a conclusion.

    You can conduct a basic survey on your own that’ll help you figure out what to look for. Start from your deck and notice its condition. Look out and examine the conditions of roof vents, flashing, gutters, and drainage pipes. Although you can perform the inspection by yourself, you might not find everything that a roofing professional can find.

    During your inspection of the roof, you should find debris that needs replacement or removal. This debris can hold branches, leaves, and other things that can cause water to clog. The removal of debris will allow the water to drain from the rooftop easily. If you are experiencing slow or blocked drains, notice the difference in color changes and stains on the roof around them. Also, check out for the flashing by looking for any cracks or crevices along the roof. However, a full roof inspection from professionals will help discover any cuts or tears.

    Benefits of Roof Inspection

    The experts at Bridgeport Roofers also look for edge details. To avoid ponding water:

    • Check gutters and drains occasionally.
    • Ensure that the water is draining properly by checking the downspouts to the ground level.
    • Keep an eye out for any securing fixtures that may be lost or compromised.
    • Ensure that the termination on your parapet walls is properly sealed.

    It is important to look at the base of the wall for any signs of cracking or leaking. A roof inspection by an expert at Bridgeport Roofers will ensure the long life of your roof. Though there are many roofing companies around us, choosing the best among them is what matters. We at Bridgeport Roofers are considered one of the top roofing companies as we are eager to provide the best services to our client, and that too in a manageable amount of time. 

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