Ridge Vents and Roof Ventilation

It is of utmost importance to have proper ventilation in your home to keep the air fresh and indoors healthy.


Outdoor air is significant, and it is needed inside so that it can circulate to reach all areas of the home.

When air does not circulate enough, pollution starts building up indoors. Moreover, without proper roof ventilation, carbon monoxide levels can rise indoors, which is way too risky.

Ridge Vents and Roof Ventilation

To keep your home ventilated and breathable, you need to take good care of ventilation. It is often seen that heat and vapours get trapped in the attic, which prevents your roof from experiencing mold and rot. The majority of the homes use shingles for roofing because premature rotting happens if there is poor ventilation. During warm weather conditions, roof ventilation helps the house cool down. Proper ventilation in the house also helps save electricity bills and prevents the home from harbouring germs. It also helps to prevent the ice and water dams while maintaining the cooling on the roof. It allows the ice to melt and allows water to refreeze, which can potentially cause a dam.

Similarly, a ridge vent works best when it is used with a vented soffit. The air rises through the soffit and the ridge, which results in vertical ventilation. Instead, gable vents are also used for ventilation with a horizontal draft. The gable vents can go through the walls on both sides of the roof, allowing natural air to flow through the attic. But take note that you must avoid using both horizontal and vertical drafts simultaneously as doing so can cancel each other out by disrupting the proper ventilation.

Styles and Brands of Ridge Vents


If your roof ventilation is improperly done, you may fail to notice the impact of roof ventilation on your bills. During summers, a well-ventilated roof allows hot attic air to escape, and in winters, this same good roof and attic ventilation keep the roof’s surface cold. It prevents the damaging cycle of snow from melting then refreezing on the roof that can cause ice dams to accumulate along the eaves. 


In earlier times, old ridge vents were often made up of aluminum. You may have noticed the nail lines in them usually leave the nail open. These nails can rust and shake out the plywood by experiencing expansion and contraction with heat or warm weather. As the nails start rising, the vents will start lifting from the roof, making them vulnerable to the wind. It further leads to leaks in the roof that needs replacement. To install the new vents, you have to remove the old aluminum ones first. 


The professionals at Bridgeport Roofers will provide you with durable vents that are covered by a warranty. Among different types and styles of vents, Seal-A-Ridge and Timbertex are the famous ones. The Seal-A-Ridge provides a double layer of protection. In contrast, Timbertex is a heavy-duty premium ridge cap shingle that offers excellent protection at high-stress areas of your roof.


The proper ventilation is of utmost importance to avoid any potential leaks. You can easily spot the leaks by simply shining a flashlight on the rafters. If you wish to avoid leaky vents, we recommend that you have them installed with Bridgeport Roofers. Our team of professionals uses the best materials for every job they perform. Primarily there are three types of roof ventilation systems:

Ridge Vents

This type of vent is fitted to the roof’s peak and is usually built along the side of the ridge cap. It allows hot air gathered in the attic to rise and flow outside via a ridge venting system.

Soffit Vents

It is a covering under the eaves of the roof, which can be used as a vent and creates passive ventilation that keeps the house cool by avoiding the build-up of hot air.

A combination of ridge and soffit vents is considered optimal to help lower the house temperature during the summer times. This duo also helps prevent the damaging cycle of snowmelt in which melting snow on the roof can lead to ice dams along the eaves. 

Gable Vents

These are the most common ventilation systems found in homes. The identity of these vents is that you can easily spot them on the home side just below the roof peaks. 

We at Bridgeport Roofers will provide you with all your repair needs, and if you wish to have proper ventilation, we will assist you by installing the best system. Don’t hire a plumbing service to do your roof work. Our professional experience and knowledge in the roofing industry have made us liable to know which techniques best suit your homes. We’re also friends with other local roofing companies, such as Red Deer Roofing, in order to keep up with the latest roofing trends and techniques. 

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