Residential Roof Replacement

The professionals at our roofing company always use superior materials and quality craftsmanship for every job. If you are looking for inspection, repairs, or servicing your roof, think of none other than Bridgeport Roofers.


We are industry-leading experts in commercial and residential roofing..

Our skilled installers will make sure that the job is done with perfection, as for us, customer satisfaction is a priority. It doesn’t matter when disaster strikes on your roof. Call on us, and our team will reach your location at the earliest to repair your roof right away. If an unusual circumstance arises, and we are unable to repair your roof, we will make sure to use some quick measures to prevent further damage or leaking, if any. Whether it is roofing shingles, rubber roofing, or metal roofing, we are just a call away.

Residential Roof Replacement

Everything has a lifespan, though if you take good care of your things, they may last longer, but eventually they will need to be replaced or repaired. For example, if you feel that your roof has started to look older or there are some scratches here and there, you must call the experts and get your roof replaced. Our professionals will provide you with a positive experience by replacing your roof with durable roofs.


You will get various signs by which you will know a need for your roof replacement. If you noticed any fault in your roof or any change in your ventilation, you must get your roof inspected by a licensed professional. There are some indications by which you would be able to find out if your roof needs replacement. Sometimes a simple repair can fix your roof, but you will only know about it once you get your roof inspected. 

Everyone wants their home to be constructed of superior quality. It is of the utmost importance that one understands the different materials available to perform roof repair, which will help determine the best for you. Asphalt composition shingles, wood shakes, metal, and slate roofing are commonly used residential roof materials. The materials mentioned above are available in different color options, which will also match your outdoor decor.

Our experts at Bridgeport Roofers will help your roof get replaced comfortably. Our results are not only long-lasting, but they also come  with the security of a warranty. So no matter what the situation is, we always have your back. We understand that having a good roof is a big investment, and we are dedicated to providing you with that.

Benefits of Roof Inspection

A roof replacement involves certain steps that we will discuss.



The primary step is to inspect the roof thoroughly to find out its current condition. This will be performed by our roof inspector who will inspect to find out what the faults are in the roof. Though different companies use different approaches, a manual inspection would be beneficial to help outline the budget. It will also make clear whether the roof needs replacement or not.

Roof Analysis

After analysis, if we determine that the roof is in dire need of a partial or total replacement, you have to contribute to the repair cost to save the cost of having a total roof replacement


There are various options for roof replacement. These include colors, materials, and other personal preferences. Among other options, you can also request to have energy-efficient materials.


After a thorough survey, analysis, and once you have selected your options, the removal of the parts will begin. We will remove your current components of the roofing one by one. It is usually done by hand, and when everything is removed, we will lower down debris to the ground into the waste container.


According to your selected terms and conditions, the new roofing will be installed using the best and latest techniques. Consider the best while eliminating the rest. Choose Bridgeport Roofers with well-trained and certified staff with experience in roofing for more than 10 years.

Wrap Up

After installation is complete, a thorough and careful review will reveal even the minor imperfections. In metal roofing, this is done by a magnetic sweep for nails. The quality control also inspects the installation manually before providing the warranty to ensure 100% satisfaction and increase the durability of roofing.

Residential Roofs Types

There are different types of roofing replacements that we perform. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing
  • Composite Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Genuine Slate Roofing

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