Residential Roof Repair

Leaking or damaged roofs may lead to many hazardous issues for your life and cost you much money.


Our home is considered the safest place to rest after a tiresome day.

Having a house that can withstand drastic weather patterns makes all the difference towards your safety. However, our roof is the first line of protection against external or environmental factors. At Bridgeport Roofers are focused on providing high-quality roofing services that are maintained to withstand the ever-changing demands of the climate.

Residential Roof Repair

Residential Roof Repair Nearby

Our professional-grade installation and repair services will help make your roof look great throughout the years. You must consider a professional roofing company if you noticed even a minor repair in your roof. A delay in repairing a minor fault can result in something major that’ll comparatively cost you more. The average roofing lifespan is only 20 years, but we recommend that you have your roof inspected every two years. If you suspect that due to bad weather conditions such as snow or rain, overloading, and accidents, your roof is damaged, then you know it is time to repair your roof. Several types of roof damages require different types of repair depending upon the amount of damage.

Benefits of Roof Inspection

Shingle Repairs:

Shingles are tough materials that can bear the sun’s UV rays, high winds, and even heavy rains. Most residents’ houses’ roofs are made up of shingles, and the only reason for that is its durability. If you are experiencing any problem with your shingle roofing, give us a call, and our inspection team will reach your location on time. Primarily there are three types of shingle damages that you will notice:

Broken Shingles

The shingles can get damaged or broken due to extreme weather conditions and other unforeseeable events such as accidents. Such shingles are to be replaced to avoid leaking and exposing the home to the outside environment. Commonly, people install new shingles on the old shingles. Such practice can also destroy your new shingle, so it is best to replace the old one with the new one.


Though shingles protect us from the harmful UV rays coming out of the sun, they also expand on heating. Due to the weather condition’s expansion and contraction, it can split the shingle into pieces or cause cracks in the shingles. 

Granule Loss

The withering of the shingles can expose the surface underneath when the shingles rot over time or lose their granules or pieces. You can also observe granule-like bits on the ground of your property, and then it can be a sign of receding shingles.


You can also look for the curling of the shingles. The edges of the shingles can either curve inward or outward. The lack of moisture or extreme heat on the shingles can cause that to happen.


With time or due to extreme weather conditions or due to aging, shingles can also shrink. They require repair from experts to stay intact. 

Lifting of Shingles

As we know that shingles can bend or even curve, it allows them to get lifted. Any extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain will cause water to dampen the underlayment and decking.

Rusting of Shingles at Valley

The valley is the area where the slopes are met. The slopes can rot faster than any other part of the roof. This is because of the flow of water since water flows over the shingles to get to the gutter.

Some contractors overlook the galvanized steel or zinc alloy to give the water the way to go through the chimney, dormers, walls, and other areas where the roof can meet the vertical plane. But our experts here at Bridgeport Roofers are aware that it can lay damage to your roof and cause flashing to curl up and build up water. Also, some companies use inferior materials whose quality is not up to the mark. The reason behind this is that companies do cost-cutting to earn more profit out of the customers. We have licensed professionals that offer all types of roofing solutions.

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