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8 Signs For Roof Replacement

Commercial and residential roofing will eventually deteriorate. The roof will reach its useful life even if you are not seeing visual signs for roof replacement. And delaying roof replacements is not a good idea. 

Neglecting to perform roof repair or replacement can lead to bigger problems. Get in touch with Bridgeport Roofers for your roofing needs. As a professional roofing contractor in Bridgeport, CT, our team will make sure your roof is in excellent condition to protect your house and family.

In this blog post, we have listed the common 8 signs for roof replacement. We share how to spot the signs and what preventive maintenance to do. Watch out for these warning signs.

Old roofs or roof materials that are at least 20 years old

Materials that are on the upper end of the price spectrum tend to last longer. Slate and tile roofs for example can be intact for 50 years. Fiber cement or wood shake roof materials might only last for about 30 years. 

Residential properties often use asphalt shingles or composition roofs. These materials usually only have about 15 – 20 years. If you know your roof has reached its expected lifespan, that might be a good reason to have a roof replacement.  

Have a roofing company come and check your roofing material. Old roofs can quickly deteriorate and fall apart. And although DIY roofing repairs are available, it is best to call experts in roofing. They will inspect and replace the roof professionally.

Roof repairs, such as the practice of overlaying existing roofs are just quick fixes. They are simply hiding the issues underneath. Instead, it might actually create bigger and costlier problems. 

It is better to prevent roof problems before they get out of hand and become too expensive to fix. Speak with a Bridgeport roofing company if your roof is 10 years old or nearing its usable lifespan.

Visible cracks on the roof 

There are two reasons for roof cracks. The first is caused by poor installation and the second is due to structural damage. 

Normally, roof cracks due to poor installation are easily repairable. But the cracks that you need to worry about are the ones due to structural damage. This is often caused by material defects and aging of the structure.

No matter the reason, replace any cracked, missing, or rotted roof. Cracks are signs for roof replacement you should not ignore. Request immediate inspection and replacement by a professional commercial and residential roofing immediately!

Moss build-up on the roofing shingles

Roof surfaces that do not always get enough sunlight can easily become a hub for mosses. And although you can simply brush this issue off, they will come back and ruin your roof.

Moss growth on the roof can decimate the lifespan of your roof. Mosses look innocent and harmless, they grow in between the shingles and create gaps. The bigger they get, the bigger the gaps become. 

Unfortunately, mosses are also highly absorbent. That is why it only makes sense to deal with them right away. Every time it rains, the moss on your roof soaks up, causes roof leaks, and damages the ceiling.

Removing moss can be tricky since it can damage the shingles. The best roofing experts in Bridgeport, CT can professionally handle roof problems.

Discoloration or dark streaks on the ceiling

Noticed some dark streaks on your ceiling? That is usually due to roof leaks leaving marks on the ceiling. Such stain means that the roof has cracked and needs swift repair or replacement. 

The roofing shingles are curled

Curled and cuffed roof shingles are typical roof problems. Once the shingles have curled, the surface underneath will be exposed. The changing temperature and debris that was blown by the wind might damage the material. As a result, the roof becomes more vulnerable and easy to break.

Do not procrastinate when doing home roof repairs. Not replacing your damaged roofing shingles will create greater risks. Eventually, the roof will crack and the ceiling might eventually collapse. 

Roof failure is among the most frustrating and expensive home repairs. But it can be avoided.     

Damaged or broken flashing

One of the important parts of the roof is its flashing. Flashing problems like cracks bends, or dents are concerns you must not leave for another day. Doing so will increase the risk of roof leaks and other issues.

Not to worry, it is easy to spot a worn or damaged roof flashing. When the water fails to rebuff and the siding of the roof is broken. That means that the roof material has been compromised. Though you may find several DIY fixes, hiring roofers in Bridgeport is best. 

Professional CT roofers know how to repair roof flashings correctly. They are also experts in identifying other roof problems. Have experts inspect the flashing to get an accurate assessment of what service you need. They might offer roof repair or replacement.

The roof shingles have bald spots

Another compelling sign for roof replacement is if the shingles are going bald. This could mean that the material has been damaged or reached its lifespan. 

Over time the roof shingles get brittle and more prone to damage. If a bald spot happens, repair or replace the roof immediately.

The right Bridgeport, CT roofers should be able to explain why this is happening. And they can offer the best solution to take.

Blisters on the roof 

Blisters are another definite sign of roof replacement. Just like bald spots, roof materials are prone to blistering. Exposure to moisture and heat and poor manufacturing of roofing material causes this. And when the blisters pop, the surface underneath will be exposed. 

Untreated blisters could lead to other problems. Issues like loss of adhesion and water and air filling up the blister. As a result, the coat of the roof will deteriorate. 

Have a local roofer investigate your roof. They know exactly what roofing service to do.

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